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embroidered crests, logos, patches, shoulder flashes, & caps for the police, firefighting, Canadian military, martial arts, and more
embroidered crests, logos, patches, shoulder flashes, & caps for the police, firefighting, Canadian military, martial arts, and more

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Fire Dept. Crest
EMS Crest
Police Crest
Military Crest
Martial Arts Crest
Other Crest or Patch
T-Shirts Golf Shirts
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Backing Options*:

(not applicable to epaulettes)

Buckram (standard)
Heat Seal

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Production or Duplication
Design Service
Subcontract Services

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Standard Thread
Metallic Thread
Neon Colours


Quantity:*   For epaulettes, enter the number of pairs.
For minimum order quantities of each item, please see the Ordering section of our Business Policies page.
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Height = length of item or design from top to bottom;
Width = length from left to right. Include stitched border.
For epaulettes, enter the width of the wide end of the epaulette
for "Width" and the width of the narrow end for "tapered to".


Additional fee applies to rush orders.
 Time from your design approval to shipping your order:
Standard (2-3 weeks for crests, 3-4 weeks for garments)
 Rush services available at addition charge:
Rush (Max. 2 weeks for crests, 3 weeks for garments)

Sending us your Design or Sample:

Since the price is based partly on the amount of thread (and in some cases the number of colours) required to stitch your design, we need to see your design or idea. Please tell us how you'll send us your drawing, image, ideas, or sample, so we'll know where to look for it. If possible, please use a colour scanner or photocopier, or send us the actual item; however, we can work with just about anything - even a sketch on a napkin.

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